I’m a teenager in high school. I’ve been taking computer classes for 3 years on Windows using Microsoft Developer Studio. This year I am taking an OpenGL class based upon NeHe’s OpenGL tutorials. My teacher (who does nothing to help us) wants us to make a game for our end of the year project. So, I get the be the guy who does the sound for my group, except NeHe doesn’t give any good information on how to use sound in OpenGL. If anyone knows where I can find any turorials online, a book to buy, or anything that could help me write sound coding, please reply. I’m in desperate need of help.

-Win32 API user, C++ OpenGL Beginner

Well, let’s think about this. OpenGL stands for Open Graphics Library. Quite obviously, OpenGL can’t help you in sound.

You can use the standard Win32 API functions for sound. PlaySound will load and play a .wav file on command. You can even (with some coaxing) get your system to play MIDIs. MSDN is your friend; use it often. Anything more complex than that will likely have to go through DirectSound or something similar.

I’ve never used it, but you should have a look at If you know (or are learning) OpenGL, the syntax is apparently very similar and clean.

Hope that helps.

FMOD can’t remember the URL but anyway it is VERY good and easy to use, apparently it is better than OpenAL but I don’t know certainly it is VERY easy to use.

Fmod looks like it will work. Thanks a ton.