Help with Motion Blur


First of all excuse my my bad spelling. I’m trying to make a scene with motion blur, I would like to use the acumulation buffer end render the frame just once per frame, add that frame into the acummulation buffer and substract the oldes one from the buffer. Is this posible? I just trying to make an efficent use of my CPU cycles instead of drawing the scene 15 or more times per frame. I would like to see some code where I could learn how to correctly use this buffer to do Motion Blur, I developing for Multiple platforms so I’m using GLUT, so I just need the GL code for the buffer.

Luis Garcia.

Consumer-level cards do not support the accumulation buffer in hardware, so it will be possibly faster to render your scene many times rather than use accumulation.
Another way, is to use render to texture methods, rendering your scene to texture multiple times, using a different alpha value every time to make it look like motion blur. I think Delphi3D has a motion blur tutorial, I am sure you can convert it to C.