help with GLUquadricOBJ

hi, i am a student user of opengl. in my code…i used the type GLUqudricOBJ so i can use the opengl function gluCyclinder to draw cyclinders…i compiled the code no problem…however…the glut window will not open and gives me this msg:

Unhandled Exception: System.TypeLoadException: Could not load type GLUquadric fr
om assembly TEST, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null.
at base()
at display() in c:\documents and settings\benson\my documents\visual studio p
rojects\experiments est est est.c:line 481
at glutMainLoop()
at main(Int32 argc, SByte** argv) in c:\documents and settings\benson\my docu
ments\visual studio projects\experiments est est est.c:line 536
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i am guessing the problem is not within the code… i am currently using microsoft visual professional edition with windows xp … have anyone come across the same problem or does anyone no how to resolve this ??
thanks for your time~

Hi !

It look’s like you try to compile your code as managed code (the TypeLoadException is a .NET exception and you don’t get it from ordinary C/C++ code), so disable managed code compilation and try again and see if that works better.


hi mikael, thanks for ur help… but how do i disable the manage code compilation? sorry i am new at this~

Goto Project->Preferences->General and change Use Managed Expressions to No.

Hi dude! Do you use MS VC++?

I use Delphi…

Can I exchange idea for this?

hey eternal…i couldn’t find what the preference thing u were saying… r u talking about visual ??