Help Wanted

I am game designer for the crime life team, we are developing a game in the Mafia-GTA style, we are coding our own engine, in OpenGL, we can now load: animated md2’s, static 3DS’s, PCX, TGA, BMP and JPEG(SOON). We have a lot other stuff in our engine, and are gong pretty fast in developement, but we need to go faster with the engine dev. We are also trying to go faster with the modeling. So, we are now looking for:

  • 2 OpenGL Engine Programmers(at least 1 year experience in GL and 2 in C++

  • 2 Modelers, capable of using any modling tools.

If you want to join, then mail me @
You need to be able to work at least 15 hours a week on the project.
A DSL line would be usefull.
If you decide to join, I need to see some of your sample work, and talk with you on Yahoo Messenger or AIM please no flaming here it’s useless

Our Project is not funded, but if we manage to create a good engine, and good demos, we are going to look for a publisher.
We can’t pay you, but we still are a very serious team. We need serious people only working on the team!!

I am not looking for professional programmers, but for some good hobbiest programmers

Thank You
Daniel Swann
Game Designer
Crime Life
Yahoo Messenger: daniel_swann
AIM: crackingod00

The 15 hours a week is just a number, if you can produce goo work for less, I don’t care

Not that it’s any of my business, but please think about this.

If your game turns out to be any good, it will be played by lots of children, whether they’re supposed to or not. So please, don’t get into this dragging lots of people out of their cars, shooting police, driving over old ladies thing, it’s just too unethical. Game programmers should take some responsibility too.

I don’t mean to be a joy killer, I think most of the games are ok, this is just the one genre taking it a bit too far. Of course I don’t know what kind of game you’re developing, so don’t take this personally.


We are having many requests for the programming positions, I am glad to ear it, however, we only have 2-3 places available, and later on some more, so we require people to answer a programming test and post samples of their work, if you are interested to join, then mail me, and I will send you the stuff you should do to join!!!
If you want to join, then go quick, we don’t have many open positions left