Help Using wglChoosePixelFormatEXT

Hi, I’m trying to use the wglChoosePixelFormatEXT instead of wglChoosePixelFormat. Thing is, wglGetProcAddress returns NULL for any extension unless I already have a valid and current rendering context! The extension docs say calls to wglChoosePixelFormatEXT and wglChoosePixelFormat shouldn’t be mixed, so how can I use wglChoosePixelFormatEXT without calling wglChoosePixelFormat first?

You can’t. You must have a valid RC before you can load extensions, period.

I think the intended usage of the extension is for dealing with Pbuffers.

These days, if your board supports it, GL_EXT_framebuffer_object (FBO) is the preferred way of doing RTT/off-screen rendering.

ChoosePixelFormat is fine for the primary render target.