Help test my OpenGL Fractal Planet :)

Hi Folks,

I need people to test an app for me and let me know what the outcome is…

If you would like to help:

If you have an Nvidia card and an Intel CPU, download and run the P3/Nvidia version.

It’s been developed on a GF3/Intel P3 and work OK. I’ve had reports of probs running on Geforce2 MX cards (can’t allocate AGP)…

I would like to what CPU/Card you have and if it works OK…or not!

For non-intel/Nvidia owners there’s a generic version, but it’s been developed using single-pass texturing hardware and I’ve had reports of problems displaying the planet - but feel free to give it a try as well

Many Thanks!

Reply’s here or by email to

Rob James

It works nicely. I have a GF2 and P3-675
I think you should make the LOD popping less appearing…