Help! Simulating a Lifecycle of a star

I am trying to simulate the formation of a star. Can you guys advise me on what steps I should take? I don’t know where to start. :frowning:

I am coding using openGL in C.

What topics I need to learn?

Thank you.

Wow. For such a topic, we would have expected a more detailed topic :slight_smile:

What do you really want to do ? What do you expect to do in the graphics part ? What physics equations do you have behind ? Others maybe ?

sorry, i am now learning opengl using c so i really dont know how to approach this problem… however, i was advised by my lecturer to consult forums on the internet and i am jus feeling my way through rite now…
However, the aim is to similate the life cycle of a star… as in, how the particles come together to form the protostar and eventually the death of the star… i hav manage to get the white dwarf aspect of the code but am having difficulty simulating the particle system… sorry if am not giving you enough info but this is all i know for now…