Help playing video to openGL context


I need help with a project and could use a little guidance as I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed.

I need to load video from a RTP stream and play it on an iPad. It has been suggested to me that OpenGL ES is the way to go because I’m not just playing the video, but I need to take what is basically a stereo image stream and column interlace it.

Can someone confirm or deny my assumptions and give me a few hints where to direct my research.

  1. I’ve seen code that streams textures onto a quad. Is this the correct way to play video using OpenGL?
  2. To actually modify the image at the pixel level I would use a pixel buffer object? How could I interlace the columns of pixel data from the side by side stereo images?

I think I’m in need of a consultant and I do have budget. Hopefully it’s ok to look for someone like that here. If you send me contact information I’ll be in touch.