help on animating a bug

i am a complete novice to opengl really, so i would just like some pointers on how to go about trying to make an insect walk around the screen using opengl. i can just about draw 2d and 3d shapes but when it comes to this i dont really know where to start, i think i just need a kick in the right direction!

there are 2 types of animations for 3d. skeletal-based and keyframe-based. skeletal based animation is heavy topic if you new to opengl or 3d in general. keyframes are easier to implement depending on your animations. f.e. rotations and translations are pretty easy to achive with keyframes via quaternions and vector interpolation. skeleton-based animation where you have bones and vertex weights is much more difficult (
much easier with 2d where you have plenty of 2d images (frames) in a texture and you just draw them on the screen changing the frames while time advances.
depends on what you want to do.