Help:Menus in OpenGL - On SUN Solaris

I am using OpenGL and GLUT on Solris machines with C bindings. I am having the following problems with menus in writing a paint program:

  1. When I use the GLUT’s menu API and select one of the added menu item, then it is wiping out all the drawings in the window. I want to keep the drawings in the window and use the menus
  2. Is there any menu API available so that I can create menus not just only with text, but with objects (shapes) and different colors???
    I figured out that with GLUT menu API we can only create the menus with text, but not as user defined.
    3)Can anybody tell me the hardware & software requirements for the Overlay management???

Please HELP!!!

Thanks in advance…!

Not filmilier with using GLUT for menu work on a Sun box. On my project we are using X/Motif to create our menus, and a lot of our 2 dimentional windows. For the OpenGL stuf ( basically it’s a globe) we are just putting the globe on a form and using GLX to create the bridge between Motif and OpenGL. If you look at the green book there are a few good examples on how to use OpenGL with Motif, and I think there are a few good GLUT examples too.


thanks for the reply Roach!

I am just wondering is there anyway that i can create menu’s (popup menus) with openGL and GLUT on SUN box.

I know that with GLUT API we can create popup menus with text, but i want to create menus with some shapes and colors (like, if you click on something, there should be a popup menu which gives different shapes to select from)…

If there is a way…please help me with that…