Help me with my damn ATI drivers!


After installing the latest ATI linux driver under Fedora Core 5 x86_64 edition I got the following errors in the fglrx log file:

Cannot load the built module.

Any idea how to fix that? And by the way they say in the documentation installed by the driver that 2.4 or newer is only suuported, and 2,6 is yet to come in the forthcoming releases. How come?


Have you tried to contat ATI support for help?

(hahahahahahahahahahahaha) :slight_smile:

Oops - I forgot to mention that I switched from ATI to Nvidia for exactly that reason. The Nvidia drivers installed so easily I couldn’t believe it!

Unfortunately, they are not bug free, and I have experienced lockups. So I can’t really say that Nvidia is better than ATI - just that their drivers are easier to install.

Maybe if someone like Humus who works for ATI reads this, they can improve ATI’s support attitude. But I’m not holding my breath on that…

Lockups are generally due to problems with AGP. Try to move from agpgart to nvidia-agp or the reverse. Also check if your mainboard chipset is supported. Really newer hardwares generally take a while to be supported. You can also try to downrate the AGP: try 4x if you’re 8x, 2x if you’re under 4x… up to disable all AGP. And see. Also, disable fast write and/or SBA. Finally, disable DPMS if things are not best yet :slight_smile:

Also, ensure you have the latest kernels (2.6.15 should be well): nvidia says explicitly their drivers work with 2.4.x kernels but it simply fails to render anything when install on these kernels…

I am using ATI driver v8.24.8 without problems on SuSE 64bit v10.0.

I believe you made a tiny mistake to build the kernel module, so it can’t be loaded properly. Please try to reinstall it once again. It is not an easy task compared to installing a Windows driver. However, it is not a difficult job for Linux/Unix users, either.

About docs, I have docs for fglrx installation and issues under /usr/share/doc/packages/fglrx.
Please check your doc directory.

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