Help me, i'm desperate :(

I’m studying OpenGL in university and i have awfull home work. I have to make an example with dynamic lightning. I searched all through google but could find ANYTHING. :frowning:
Is here anybody who knows about dynamic lightning in OpenGL???

You’re in school. You should succeed or fail on your own merrits.

Well i also am very interested in lightning, however i searched and searched and could found anythin on topic - dynamic lightning…

Then you didn’t search hard enough, try “dynamic lighting openGL” or something like that.
“per pixel lighting” may also work or “stencil shadows”.

Humus3d has a few demos on the subject. is also good
or maybe

If you search for “dynamic lightning” you will never find anything - try “dynamic lighting” instead. Your university seems to be a little limp on spelling…

Try a google search for:

OpenGL “lightning” effect tutorial

using quotes, without them google “thinks” you mispelled the word lighting :slight_smile:

Searching for “Dynamic Lightning” results in a lot of pages of nice people mispelling the phrase “Dynamic Lighting” (that was funny when I tried it xDD) if you didn’t found what you are looking for that way, you are looking for “animated lightning bolts” and not “illumination” (mispelled or not), right? ._.

for example:

“dynamic lighting” –> illumination techniques.
“dynamic lightning” –> tesla-coil-like effect? o_0

hope it helps =P


The “Dynamic Lightning” sample shows a Black screen with nothing on it. I used NVidia Gforce 5600. So much for the bell and wistle of NVidia’s OpenGL. There is a bug in the driver or in the GL Application itself.

The term “dynamic lightning” doesn’t seem to exist in OpenGL library, however there are lots of lightning example code in this page:

If not finding it, you might want to look in other pages:

Good luck