Help - material properties

Hi guys!

I’m trying to display an object (a cube for example) made of wood-like material in a directional light source. When I start to rotate the camera around the cube, the faces of the cube are changing their color (becaming darker or lighter) even if the light is in the same position relative to the cube. As far as I know, the colors should remain the same because the angle between the face and the light doesn’t change!

I would appreciate a lot any kind of suggestion that could help me to fix this problem.

Best regards,

Adrian Danila

reposition your light everyframe after u postion you (camera)

I do use material properties and lights, and I’ve never noticed such a problem. But I know that some effects change with the point of view, like the specular effect. So you may notice a big change if you move the point of view while your object has big specular componants.

That’s just an idea, it may mean nothing