Help! Installed nvidia dirvers and

I have installed nvidia drivers on my comp. I’ve edited the xf86config-4 file now to look for them. When X started a screen with the nvidia logo appeared and I was excited. This was short lived when I looked at the xf86…log. It stated that it could not load the glx module. (said it didn’t exist. It does) I have verified that all files are installed in the areas where they should reside. I have read in some posts that you should remove mesa files that may interfere. Is this correct, and if so what are mesa files. The nvidia istallation and troubleshooting guide suggests running ldconfig. I haven’t had the opportunity to try this yet. I guess my main question would be what are your opinions? If all the files are there and xf86config-4 can’t load the glx module what could be wrong? Additionally I verified in the log that the nvidia drivers are being used NOT the nv driver. That was last night. Today I fire up the computer and I get this message
init: /etc/inittab[1] : missing action field
it says this seven times with the numbers changing sequentially up to seven in the brackets. Then I get a (enter runlevel) prompt. All I can type there is an s and I get to sh-2.05#. No clue as to what to do next or how to get X to start I tried startx but that doesn’t work. Any help and advice is greatly appreciated.

Do you try to start X before login?
NVidia recommends that you manualy use “startx” before you have verified that the installation is OK.

I do not think that the glx problems has anything to do with Mesa or ldconfig. Check again that you edited the XF86Cinfig-4 file correct. Perhaps download the nvidia drivers again and reinstall them in case of corrupted files.

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