Help--From beginner

Can anyone tell me how to add time control in animation (Unix enviroment) or where can I find information about it?

Thank you

What you want to say about “time control” ?

Do you want to have infos such as the number of frames per seconds or something for control the mouvement of an object (or an hierarchy of objects) ?


it is about the movement of the an object.

I am trying to write a small game , need show an object move in changing speed

But I don’t know how to add the time conbrol in the anination because I need show the object state change with time.


You can precompute somes smooths courbes (cf. f1(t) f2(t) … ) that represent your various mouvements and recreate your own modelview matrix at each redisplay with the fx(t) funcs and the current time t.