Help for a Newbie

Hello. I am trying to make OpenGL a system requirement for my Sega Model 1 (Virtua Racing, Virtua Fighter) emulator, and I need some help on what code should I use and where. I use a iMac with 96 megabytes of RAM, CodeWarrior Discover Programming 4.0 and have OpenGL 1.1.2 installed on my computer. Can anyone help me?

I am not sure what you are asking?
Do you mean what programing language to use?
Or how to code for the Mac with OpenGL?

If you mean that your program should not run if it does not detect OpenGL, the you can call the GestaltLib to see if OGL exists. (Sorry, i can’t provide you with an example because i code in REALbasic, it would be useless to you.)