Help! Converting Angles to Vectors

I’m trying to get a set of normalized vectors ( forward, right, up ) from the current camera angles ( yaw, pitch, roll ) and am having some problems. I found some code to do this in the Quake I source code, but it doesn’t quite seem to work because the Y and Z axis are swapped in Quake ( Z is up ) relative to how they would be in OpenGL ( Y is up ) My math skills aren’t great, so perhaps the solution is easy??

Here’s the Quake code if that will help:

void AngleVectors( vec3_t ang, vec3_t fwd, vec3_t right, vec3_t up) {
float angle;
float sr, sp, sy, cr, cp, cy;

angle = ang[YAW] * (M_PI2/360);
sy = sin(angle);
cy = cos(angle);
angle = ang[PITCH] * (M_PI
sp = sin(angle);
cp = cos(angle);
angle = ang[ROLL] * (M_PI*2/360);
sr = sin(angle);
cr = cos(angle);

if( fwd ) {
forward[0] = cpcy;
forward[1] = cp
forward[2] = -sp;
if( right ) {
right[0] = (-1srspcy±1cr*-sy);
right[1] = (-1srspsy±1crcy);
right[2] = -1
if( up ) {
up[0] = (cr
up[1] = (crspsy±srcy);
up[2] = cr

Thanks in advance.

Just look up an Euler-to-matrix conversion algo; I think there’s one in the Hexapod FAQ. The first three columns of the result matrix are the normalized positive X, Y, Z axes.

Thanks, I did a search for hexapod, but didn’t exactly find the site you are refering to. Do you happen to have the URL?

Thanks much.

Many thanks to anyone who offered tips on how to solve this problem.
I found the Euler Angles rotation matrix at:

but I had to do some reworking for it to work?? Anyway, if anyone would like the solution I used, I guess let me know?

Thanks again!
El Jefe