Help!!(About FBO)

Recently,I have always been a problem baled interference and will be crazied if it still not solved.
Must be used geometry shaders when use glFramebufferTextureLayerEXT for MRT as down:


or used as this:

for(int layer=0;layer<NLAYERS;layer++)

which one can be wirte an examples for descript how to used this function ,is like “glFramebufferTexture3DEXT”, I`ve got not right result(nothing display only the window) but the 3D texture .I used GS also but as same as before. :frowning:

Sorry but I do not really understand your problem.
I guess that is why you are not getting answers :frowning:

Sorry,my english is very bad,so …
but I have been solved the problem :stuck_out_tongue:

New problem comes:it got successful used MRT and Ping-Pang technology when i used 4 color attachments as the draw buffers and 4 color attachemnts as read buffers,but when changed to 8 draw buffers and 8 read buffers (the shader changed too) ,it not effect only first pass.My GPU card is 8800GTS,it should supporte 8 draw buffers for output,but it seems not by the result.Why?