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Hi, all gurus here. I am familiar with OpenGL but not ES , I tried to get start with OpenGL ES to write some simple games.

However, I am not sure how should I start. I had downloaded “gerbera-2.0.3-win32-bin-non-commercial”, and tried the sample. It runs fine on my PC… but does it mean I can develope my game based on the windows version? is it the same when put it to a mobile device ?

Also , I tried the Vincent version, I download many MS SDK for mobile , includes EVC++ and PocketPC SDK… but it seems that it required to download on a mobile device in order to run, is there any emulator for it on PC ?

I think I got too many question, but I sincerely hope I can get a full answer, Thanks a lot.


There is actually an emulator that you install alongside with the Pocket PC or Smartphone SDK. Vincent can be used with the emulator, and the binary distribution should include prebuilt Debug versions of the library that you can use with the emulators.

However, for any ‘serious’ development you will probably want to use a real device, as the performance charcateristics are very different between the emulators and physical devices. If you don’t have one you might get a cheap one on eBay.

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Thanks for your quick response. Then , how about the question about “gerbera” version ? Which one I should start with ?


Gerbera has a ‘desktop’ version. The considerations concerning performance, form factor etc. hold though.

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Thanks a lot. And I can now start the pocket PC emulator, however, when I try to execute (ctrl-F5) redbook’s program (hello.exe), it has error telling me can’t execute…

But I can successfully download the exe when I choose the build the exe only. Do anyone knows whatelse I should configure ? Thanks so much in advance.

I am just guessing here (since I do not see your build logs): For the application to run in the emulator, you have to build for a x86 target processor.

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Thanks a lot, I had got all the redbook samples works, and also your test demo :smiley:

The problem is I didn’t know I have to download also the .dll on the emulator too. woo… its wonderful, I think I will put more effort soon !

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