Hello, I'm a new...

… Win32 programmer, and want to start experimenting with openGL.

How come there’s very little info in this site RE: OpenGL 1.3? Also, where can I find headers/libraries for it?

Thanks in advance

i found nehe’s website was a great help in learning OpenGL

The 1.3 version of gl.h does not exist. Use glext.h. Idem for wgl.h : use wglext.h instead.

Yeah, as jono123 says, NeHe’s great. If you’re looking for a book, that’s “OpenGL SuperBible”.

Thanks alot!

Does OGL 1.2 also exist as a bunch of extentions? … That is, I need OGL 1.1 libraries and headers, plus the ext headers, and then just use GetFuncAddress() procs to get the extention funcs from the .DLL directly? I think that’s what I’m reading, I just want to make sure…

OpenGL 1.2 exists with added features in the core feature set (i.e. on ALL OpenGL 1.2 implementations). There are some optional ARB extensions in addition which most newer PC cards implement. The ARB extensions are there so a vendor can claim they support OpenGL 1.2 with the core functionality even if they have no interest in (or are incapable of) supporting some of the broader set of features required by different markets.

In addition there are many extensions which are not part of OpenGL 1.2, some of these are vendor specific and for example are only available on cards from a single vendor (or even a single card), others are more common and are available on more that one vendor’s system, and the better the card you have on a PC the more likely you are to have more of those, for example a GeForce4 and ATI Radeon 8500 will support more extensions than most other cards.

Lists of extensions:

Interesting information on extensions:

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Yeah Plato you’re right, but for OpenGL extensions it’s wglGetProcAddress, not GetProcAddress.