Hello i am currently attempting to use an emulator but i need an update

it is saying that my current driver doesn’t support opengl 4.6 i have an Intel(R) HD Graphics 630 how can i update it to one that can support 4.6? (i tried clicking update drivers but it said it was up to date. do i need a new graphics card or something?)

From the:

it’s pretty clear you can get OpenGL 4.6 drivers for your hardware. Type in “HD Graphics 630” in the upper-left text field to see the driver version matches.

So the implication is that “my current driver doesn’t support opengl 4.6” may be a limitation of the “emulator” you’re using. You didn’t mention which, so we can’t really provide any advice there.

i am using yuzu the nintendo switch emulator

I would download, install, and run this:

If it says you have OpenGL 4.6 installed, then your GPU graphics drivers are probably fine and it’s likely a problem with the Nintendo Switch Emulator.

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