HELLLP .. Error: GLUT: faild to create opengl rendering context?


I have a problem with opengl, when i run my program the following problem occure" GLUT: faild to create opengl rendering context"?
what is the problem?

i have windows 98,
visual C++ version 6
i installed all the opengl lib’s, dll’s, headers
i also include the lib’s in my project settings …
so can u please let me know what is the cuz of the problem?


Your setup seems to be OK, can you compile other peoples GLUT programs?

No i the problem also presist for peoples program i try to run them on my system … so any hints please?

If you have an old card (Vodoo) do you only get hardware supported OpenGL in full screen and the color depth should be 16 bits. I think that you should get software OpenGL if you do not get hardware support but I am not sure.

Have you tried other OpenGL programs without GLUT like the NeHe tutorials?