'Heirarchal' picking

Hello All,

I am implementing picking routines at the mo’, and want to create a sort of ‘heirarchal’ picking structure, i.e. model1->part2->facet3 etc. I know that you can just push extra names onto the name stack e.g. glLoadName(model1); glPushName(part2) etc, but does anyone have any example code for hit-processing using this stacked naming technique? I just can’t seem to get it to work…

You should try to draw the top level get the hit then for those items hit descend and do another separate querry. This way the hierarchy is a performance win, but you need a separate querry for each level in the tree, and you use the previous levels results as a filter for what you draw in the next level.

No example code should be required by you if you understand this simple principal.