header files !!

hey …
i’m using MS VS. 2005 and the built-in OpenGL files are about 10 years old, related to openGL 1.1 i guess …
i got sick looking for “gl” and “glu” libraries supporting new OpenGL 2.0 or 2.1 … any suggestions about where i can got 'em ?!

Why doesn’t anyone read the documentation before asking questions?



This is the beginners forum. Give the guy a break. The best thing to do is find/write a good extension loader (GLEW, GLee, etc.) and include that instead. This will make your code more portable, and keep you up to date with the newest extensions and versions.

This is why I month ago I suggested to pin a topic like “Important: where to get OpenGL headers”. This question is being asked every three or four days. I know that this is a beginners forum, but that doesn’t excuse the inability to use search :-/

I like the idea of a persistent notice at the top of the forum. Something similar to the online wiki notice.

well guys, i must confess that the question was some silly, especially if that as u said it’s being asked frequently … but i really left the forum as a last choice after i tried as possible even on opengl.org or other sites
i think such important topic must be placed on the homepage of opengl.org or at least directly from documentation sub-menu, not in a sub-sub-sub-title …
anyway, thx a lot, that was really benefit to me … i got the GLee library.
c u in more advanced questions … :smiley: