Header files for shading language

Under OS X, where are the header files for the OpenGL Shading Langauage and what would the include line look like for it? Specifically, I am looking for the OS X equivalent of:

#include “…/cwc/aGLSL.h”

Thanks in advance for any help that you may be able to offer.


There is no GLSL support in Mac OS X, and hence no header files for it.

I have the good fortune of having the Tiger (10.4) beta b/c I went to WWDC 2004. It has support for some extensions, but there isn’t much in the way of documentation yet (of course).

Thanks for your help, though.


The function and enum declarations should be in <OpenGL/glext.h>. I don’t think there’s GLSL support in the WWDC preview, though.

Thanks again, Cookie. One last question (I hope)…

Do you know where the GL header files are located by default in OS X? I can use the files with the standard #include’s, but it would be instructive to read through the actual headers themselves.

Again… much thanks for your help.


Apple’s GCC interprets #include <Foo/bar.h> as a framework include. That means that the header should be at /System/Library/Frameworks/Foo.framework/Headers/bar.h .

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