Has anybody a driving licence for a TANK???

I working on a game where i have to drive a tank and i have a little problem with turning…
When i move forwards and push the right arrow, then the tank goes to the right (simple), but when i go backwards and i push the right arrow, then iam not sure where the tank should go? ( left or right ). A car goes right when i go forwards or backwards but i have newer drived a tank.

PS: the game is made in OpenGL of course

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Hey Fred…
Well a tank has two levers as you probably know… One for each track. Each allows you to specify speed and direction of that track. I.e. forward is forward and back is back (!). The thing is that to turn right you could.
a) Slow down left track (long slow turn)
b) Stop left track (turn about left track)
c) Slap left track into reverse (turn about center of the tank)

Obviously the opposite works in reverse…