Harware accleration

I am running some programs using OpenGL on Dell Inspiron 9300 having (ATI video chip)which is around 4 years old. I am using Ubuntu . I think my OpenGL is very slow and it takes a long time for the diaplay to come. I want to know how can i know that i am using the video acclerator chip?
How can i increase the speed of my laptop. When i run glxgears command i get around 500-600 frames per second as the speed which i think is very less( considering the resolution is minimum).

which driver do you use ?

have you installed the open source radeon driver in order to use HW acceleration instead of software renderer from mesa ?

Open a terminal, type “glxinfo” and paste the output here so we can understand what is going on.

As a rule of thumb, if the renderer string contains something like “R300 DRI” and “direct rendering” is enabled, then you are getting hardware acceleration. Otherwise, you are probably using the software rasterizer, which is painfully slow.