Hi there.

I´m programming openGL in linux/SDL, and today I wrote a small program that checks if the computer has hardware support.

The code to detect is this: (probably sucks)

videoInfo = SDL_GetVideoInfo();

if(videoInfo->hw_available) {
Hardware available");
} else {
No hardware!");

When I run it at my own computer it says that I havent’ got hardware available.

My graphics card is a ASUS GeForce2 MX, and I’m using nVIDIA kernel x.x, and nVIDIA GLX.

How can I configure my graphics card, so that I get “hardware_available” ?


how many fps do you get running glgears??

P.S. this qustion might be better suited for Linux Forum

45.* fps in GLgears

You should get 100 times more fps if your card was used.

Run glinfo to know which “card” is used. For sure you are using Mesa.

Get last drivers, they’ll erase any other GL lib before installing