Hardware Tracker / Vive Tracker with OpenXR

Hello everyone,

I wonder what the current status of Hardware Trackers, such as the Vive Trackers is in regards to the OpenXR specification. If I see it correctly, the current specification does not cover trackers or provide an extension for them yet. We would however love to be able to make use of them in our projects.

Any news regarding tracker support?

Thank you

I would get in touch with the vendor (HTC) and let them know your use cases. They’re the ones who can submit and implement a vendor extension. If you post your use cases here as well, then the whole group can take them into account for future extensions.

I’m aware of two basic “classes” of common Vive Tracker use: body/skeleton tracking (adding additional tracked points to the user’s body for e.g. avatar animation), and virtual production (installation-specific applications with trackers on virtual cameras/displays, scenery, etc.). Do your usages fit in one of those, or are you in a third class of use cases?