Hardware Acceleration

I searched the forum, but couldn’t find what I was looking for.
Is there a wrapper library for GLES that can use Hardware Acceleration on PCs?
I’m on Win32, so it should be linked to opengl32.dll

Gerbera seems to be pure software rasterizer which is too slow for me.


There is a old wrapper implementation of OpenGL ES on top of OpenGL written by David Blythe. It is not perfect, and it is only OpenGL ES 1.0, but it works.

Download it from here: wrapper implementation


I would like ES 1.1 since I’m using some features of 1.1

I did a certain multitexturing effect on Gerbera 2.0.3 non-commmercial package and I think the result are wrong.

I’m trying to upload 2 textures. One is RGBA8 and the other RGB8. Does Gerbera keep textures with those internal formats?

My GL code of the same thing works fine.

In OpenGL|ES, the internal texture format must match the format of the data sent to glTexImage2D. Could that be your problem?

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The texture format and the internal format are the same. Both textures look fine on screen using single texturing and

Still, I’m wondering if Gerbera conserves the formats.

When I do multitexturing, there is a problem. The object looks perfectly black all over.

The PC Emulation SDK from PowerVR contains a Wrapper solution. Available here:

Link to SDK Download.


Thanks for the link. I will test it soon.


The PVR wrapper seems to be 1.0

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