Hardware acceleration is slow

I’m rendering a rotating triangle (pretty simple) using OpenGL 1.1 on Windows 2000 in a windowed window mode (256x256). My problem is that the rendering is terribly slow. It appear that it’s software rendering but OpenGL tells me that it’s not.

To verify that, i use the “glGetString” function, which returns the information about my video card (ATI rage pro)… and, to be sure that i enable hardware acceleration, i use the appropriate Pixel Settings… i’m using the pixel settings that the “gelnum.exe” program returns (http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q176/7/52.asp )

I have this problem in my ATI rage pro and also on a recent NVidia GeForce 2 with 64MB ram… When i run my program (the rotating triangle… without any pause), the CPU is running like hell and the rendering is slow…

Does somebody can help on that ? Do i absolutely need to switch to full screen or is there a way to use hardware acceleration in windowed mode ?

Also, NVidia offers an OpenGL SDK… should i try to use it ? is it an ICD ?


you are quite vague about some things. now, which is your current video card, meaning on which card is your program running.
if it’s just a rotating triangle i assume the code is not long. send it to me via email, and i’ll try to help you.