Hardware accelaration problem

Ive created a small 3d engine, but Im having problem with low fps. Right now it seems that my video card (ati radeon) does not support it. Everything is being counted by CPU. What am I doing wrong? Everything what I`ve textured has big pixels. - Same as all games which are not supporting hardware accelaration.

Please help.

is your radeon a primary or secondary (PCI) card? i remember with a voodoo2 board you had to delete the original opengl32.dll and replace it with some glide32.dll from the voodoo driver package but those times should be over…
do any other programs running under openGL suffer from the same problem on your computer?


Its quite new AGP video card (radeon 7200). I dont have any problems with other opengl programs.

You haven’t really given us enough info to figure out what the bottleneck is. Have you ran this app on other computers, with different video cards? Is it only slow on your box? What do you get when you query glGetString() with GL_VERSION, GL_RENDERER, GL_EXTENSIONS, etc?

Are you using really big textures? I’ve seen performance drop when using 512x512 textures vs. 64x64 textures on large numbers of objects.

Are you using display lists or vertex arrays to speed up the drawing? Are you changing states too often?

The list goes on and on…

ok I`ll try to give more info.
GL_EXTENSIONS:GL_EXT_bgra (a very long list)

Im using two 512x512 textures. Ive tried to run this program on different machines - same problem. I dont believe its a problem with size of textures. -The whole program would be working slower, but the graphics quality would stay the same. I encounter problem with big pixels. - Texture is not blur. Im sorry but I dont know how to explain it in other words

see below

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hmmm just read the thread again.
basically you say you’ve got a low framerate and blocky textures?

do you use
a) texture objects
b) bilinear filtering for the textures

in your prog?


Thanks for your help.Ive found out that Ive been wrong texturing.