Hanoi Towers with openGL

Hi, my name is Nelson and I’m a graduation student living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I’ve got this subject called Algorithms and Data Structures and the teacher asked us to make an openGL based program that solves the famous “Hanoi Towers” problem.

I’ve learned some C and used gcc as compiler last year. The thing is that I know basically nothing about openGL and right now I’m with windows xp at my home computer.

I would like to know which compiler should I choose and if there are some simple begginers tutorials for windows out there.


Check out nehe’s tutorials. For the compiler, almost any one would be well.

And read the redbook. It’ll do you good.


Could I try it when you’re made it work? It’s a bunch of years I want to do this (I don’t know why :rolleyes: ) but I always have something more pressing to do.