Half-Life BSP!!!

Please guys i’m desperate and i need your help.I was looking for a specifications about the Half-Life BSP level format but GOGLE is acting as user unfriendly as ever.So please if you know a specification(good,bad or worse - i don’t care!) please post it here.10x a lot guys!!!

Have you tried looking at the sources found in the Halflife SDK?

I think this was already discussed here like last week or so. Search these boards and you will find it.


This has been discussed on flipcode last week.
Anyway, just take a Q1 bsp loader, and alter the texture loading: the only difference is that textures are not stored inside the .bsp file, but in a common package (wad?)

10x a lot to all great dudes!

Im actually working on a BSP engine myself. Mine is going to load Q3A, Q2, Q1, and Half-Life BSPs. Currently im working on Q3A BSPs. Ive read and done alot research on this. BSP files were originaly created by ID software for Quake I. Serria bought the Q1 engine and screwed with it while they were making Half-Life Q2 came out so Serria bought that one to. So really Half-Life is really both the Q1 and Q2 engine. Now Ive talked to alot of people there three ways to approch making a BSP engine, first just do research on that BSP format and figure it out in your cause Half-Life. The second is start with a Q1 BSP loader and build your way up the way ID-Software did it. The thrid way is start with a Q3A engine and downgrade it to the others. Before you go ahead writing it you should read threw some docs BSPs look on this post I had on nehe http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=137276 Do a google search on BSPs for more info.

Originally posted by nukem:
BSP files were originaly created by ID software for Quake I.

Actually BSP are a lot older (70ies or 80ies).

Me and the other engine guys wanted to use Q3 BSP at first level and then we moved to HL BSP.Anyway we are back to Q3 now and we want to support as much as possible.Well i need help right now about the bezier patches stored in the BSP file.We think that we will be able to handle some of the shaders in the BSPs(not ofcourse) but only the time will show.We about that Bezier patches.I don’t need you to give me any links to specifications.Just explain to me how to use them and i’ll be very greatfull.At first we will use the OpenGL ways of Bezier patches and very soon we will add our own.If you want to help than do it here and now.10x!

Originally posted by tfpsly:
Actually BSP are a lot older (70ies or 80ies).

He means the .bsp file format used in the quake engine games and so on. Not the concept of the Binary Space Paritioning tree.