Hairy balls


I need to make a scene containing two hairy balls that roll about. I don’t want to use textures, because the hair must stick out. How can I make the hair look natural (curly), whilst still being able to animate?


so let me get this right
u wanna draw ‘a pair of balls with short curly hair’
perhaps for one hair use a GL_LINE_STRIP of maybe 10 lines.
find distributed points on the balls surface. anchor the hairs here and draw them radiating out drom the center of the ball

That was certainly a more serious and clean reply to that post than I expected to see :O)

Try running a Google search on “hairy balls”. That should turn up a few interesting research papers

  • Tom

P.S.: Hugues Hoppe’s site has one of them:

I was a bit peeved that the DX8 dev. kit didn’t ship with the much "Ooo-ahhh"ed at fuzzy bunny demo

The samples on Hoppe’s site are awesome!!! Read the .pdf document. They get about 15 fps for a dog with fur!

Yeah, that’s really a GREAT page!
How does one get into such a career? I mean, can one study to get computer graphics scientific??? How does he get his money?

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i did try hairy balls with google and got this site.
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so if anyone has any difficult opengl questions that they cant find an answer to pls ask them to the above site.
and best of all it works