Haiku OS OpenGL Stack bounty

This might interest someone on this board. Haiku OS is looking for an university student to create an OpenGL stack for Haiku. It comes with not less than an 5000 usd bounty.

Hardware 3D acceleration

Design or port an existing 3D driver interface. See for example the Gallium3D project. Another option is to write a compatibility layer to load binary Linux 3D graphics drivers. There should probably still be our own 3D acceleration API for drivers.


Nice bounty!
Haiku could be a competitive game platform with it.

Thank you, whoever will be doing that!

i hope you will find someone.
It’s a great project.

If you’re looking for hardware acceleration then the jump-off point should probably be the DRI for Mesa.


Note that NVIDIA doesn’t interface via the DRI, they have their own ABI compatible layer.

It’s part of the whole controversey over Open Source drivers, Open Source compatible drivers & truly open drivers.