I did not find a good papers about GUI on OpenGL. Can somebody explain me or give links how to create OpenGL GUI in my application?

Take a look at GL User Interface:

OpenGL itself does not include any GUI capabilities. You either have to create a GUI system using OGL, or get one that’s already developed. I like FLTK. Go to and look at their cubeview demo. It opens a 3D OpenGL graphics window, next to which are GUI elements you can use to interact with the graphics.

Implementing a GUI using OpenGL is not exactly rocket science (it’s actually relatively straight forward), there are many home grown solutions, and if you want something a bit more fancier (eg. with submenus in MenuBars and Tables) then you can always search for an OpenGL GUI library. If you have the time, you can build a simple home grown solution in under a week.

Thank you! But I am programming on JOGL. Is there open GUI library for JOGL?

The best place to ask that question is in the JOGL forums.