GUI programming

Im intending on making a program that has a GUI with a viewport or frame for viewing an openGL render. What Im wondering is what would be the best (that meaning least complex) method of doing this for a windows environment when using openGL for the viewport rendering? (i.e. Are any additional API’s required are there a set good for GUI programming in windows)?

I heard good things about FLTK and GLUI, both seem good for your purpose :

Why not simple use, whats in the box? If you want to do Windows GUI only, just use MFC… And maybe use some extension library, like - they have a freeware version, as I remember correctly.

Or just use .NET WinForms, Visual C++ can emit mixed mode code.

In my opinion, FLTK and GLUI just look much to alien on windows.

It does look like MFC is going to be around for a while. Microsoft recently announced that they’ll be shipping a bunch of new gadgets (e.g., property grids!) for MFC shortly after VS 2008’s release. That’s really good news for C++ developers.

For the .NET folks there’s also the Mono project:

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