Graphics without Graphic Cards

Hello Guys

I want to say Important thing please, and I hope from Khronos group to implement this thing

In fact, the computers desktop or laptops,or any devices are very expensive, about Me I can’t buy new Laptop or desktop or even New Graphic Card to use Modern OpenGL or Vulkan APIs and The API itself is FREE !!! but most of designers and Love 3d Graphics Just for Fun, I want from Khronos create any Idea that make Vulkan, OpenGL, OpenGL ES and WebGL APIs As software or SDK ALL In One Package that make us to install this Package for Windows, Mac and Linux without use Graphic Cards acceleration, for example Blender 3D Version 2.8 will need at least OpenGL 3.3 so I need new laptop or at least new Graphic card that support OpenGL 4.x to use this software, so why !!! ??? Guess if Graphic as sdk support All APIs and extensions and Just install it then anyone can use any software and create any software without depend upon Graphic Crads

I wish Khronos create This Idea, We don’t Need to depend on Graphic Cards anymore


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If you can’t buy a new PC at least consider to get a decent second hand PC.

Well, entry level PCs can be relatively cheap these days…

Software renderers are not that useful nowadays. The scissors between GPUs and CPUs have widened since their days; not many serious SW would be usable running on top of a software renderer.

Though there is one project: But it was a summer project, and as you can imagine, the student had no time to update it since Sep. But it gives you the opportunity to be the change you want to see.

Something like RasPi usually fits the segment of “too cheap to buy a PC”, but unfortunately I am not really aware of something like that being Vulkan capable.

Thank you guys

I will check the link