Graphics w/o vertices/voxels, a new rendering system by Tcll5850

I’m actually coming here to see what help I can get from the big boys on this,
since nobody else I know is skilled enough to answer my Q’s here… heh

I’ve got a thread on my forum that explains the idea:

and Google is pretty much useless as all the algorithm’s found are for simple stuff…
I got lucky to find an algorithm for a circle that works like I need. (though it’s slow as heck)

I graduated school with Algebra1 knowledge (they held me back because I’m slow),
but luckily I know a bit of basic college-level geometry/trigonometry (I literally just know it) to somewhat help me out.
so yea… I’m having quite a difficult time trying to wrap my head around this stuff.

may I PLEASE get some help on this.
thanks, and credit to you in return. :slight_smile:

Search under “procedural shaders” you will find a lot of information. For a sphere try rendering a quad with this fragment shader

#version 330
out vec4 vFragColor;

uniform vec3 Color;
uniform vec3 lightDir;

void main(void)
    // calculate normal from texture coordinates
    vec3 N;
    N.xy = gl_PointCoord* 2.0 - vec2(1.0);    
    float mag = dot(N.xy, N.xy);
    if (mag > 1.0) discard;   // kill pixels outside circle
    N.z = sqrt(1.0-mag);

    // calculate lighting
    float diffuse = max(0.0, dot(lightDir, N));

    vFragColor = vec4(Color,1) * diffuse;