Graphics in Linux

I’m doing a simple game as a project for school. I want to do it in linux with the free emacs and gcc compiler. All I really need is a basic function to place a pixel on the screen’s 640x480 grid. Would OpenGL be a possiblity? and also would over kill for what I am trying to do? I am a QBasic programmer learning C and I’m used to a simple “pset(x,y),[color]” command. If someone could tell me if OpenGL is a possiblity or point me in the right direction I’d be grateful.

Maybe you just need to learn GTK+ or qt. Great book on those topics are available, and simple for 2D graphics. OpenGL is mostly good for 3D graphics. You’ll actually allways have to learn C (C++ for qt).


I’d say take a look at clanlib, at Its a 2D api, and does some really nice things for you, like setting up the window. OpenGL more of a 3D api, and would kinda be overkill for what you are describing.