graphic inversion

Here is a message I’ve send at the site . There is some nice code out there but it seems that anton is too busy to answer. So I ask there.

first of all I’d like to congratulate you for your really great GLTSE job !

I’m trying to include it in my own program but I encounter a problem. I think you will solve it like a magic wand ! Here the problem : each letter of my text has his head on the bottom ! (the top of the letter is at the bottom !) More of this, The text is “well” displayed from left to right BUT from bottom to top (the text starts from the bottom). I think I have to change some parameters on opengl initialization (my program is not Glut based, it is pure openGL), but I’m a beginer in openGL world, could you help me, please ?

More of this, where can I find “bmp2glt.exe”? (the converter to make some new font in glt file format)

Thank you very much for the trouble
Best regards

PS : I hope you will follow you job on GLTSE and GLI/GLF !