Graphic cards courses

Hello, I would like to find explanations on how a 3D graphic card works, I always find papers on very sharp subjects, dealing with one or two functions of the card (which are very interesting), but what I would like is a global explanation on the organization of a graphic card, something like a course on graphic cards… Does that exist?

I don’t know about any courses, but i’m sure some exist…somewhere

Here are two books that discuss graphics cards though:

  • [li] Real-Time Renderin (2nd Edition) : This book explains how the individual modules are organized in graphics cards. Near the end they have a chapter on how a few cards work.[*] Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice in C : This book has it all! It talks about graphics hardware to a very fine detail. Not only that, if you bought this book, you’d have SO much information about computer graphics at the tip of your fingers. This is a REALLY REALLY good book.
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Edit: The second sentence is a bit misleading. The books aren’t meant to talk about graphics hardware. It’s about how the math behind them works, and different algorithms for topics like lighting, bumpmapping, culling, etc.

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Thanks a lot