Graphic Card

How do you check to see what graphic card you got on your computer?


its quite simple:

  1. take a firm grip of a screw driver
  2. approach the rear of the computer. if this is not possible, then:
    2a) put down the screw driver
    2b) grasp all cables connecting the computer
    2c) remove cables
    2d) rotate computer 180 degrees (3.1415159 radians)
    23) pick up screw driver
  3. locate screws
    3a) apply screw driver to scres
    3b) turn screwdriver until screw falls out
    3c) repeat 3) while screws are in place
    3d) put down screw driver
  4. take a firm grip of the computer case
    4a) remove computer case
    4b) if computer case is stuck, swear, jiggle the case, revise strategy, and repeat (4)
  5. peer inside computer case and locate graphics card
    5a) if you cannot immediately see graphics card, try poking a few cables aside
    5b) if you don’t know what a graphics card is, try plugging in all the cables and power on your machine. Start removing pieces at random until the monitor goes black. The last thing you pulled out MAY be the video card. (This tip is for Advanced Users only.)
  6. Try and work out the type of graphics card by the numbers printed on the chips. This is a bit hard, so it might not be all that sucessful.

If that doesn’t work, then you could try this

  1. locate computer manual or driver disk. It’d mention what type you have there
  2. boot your computer and observe the power on sequence. You might need to press some magic keys if your motherboard is like mine and says some splash screen while its doing its POST. All graphics cards in my experience wurble happily about what they are when they’re first booted
  3. check out your driver settings for your display On Your Favourite Operating System
  4. ask the sys admin
  5. find some graphics diagnostic tool
  6. ask a friend
  7. ask the computer store where you bought your machine, and see if they remember you


John, you’re missing something!
In point 6. It is unrecommended to pull out the graphics adapter without first losening its attachment screw!

Tien… if you did that, you must repeat it all in the reversed order! It’s not recommended to detach a detached graphics card. I made that one time and never again!