GPU speed comparison

So I have my project even though I have drawn most of the geometry I still have a lot more work to do. I want the finished project to work 6 times what it currently does. I would assume I would need about 10 times the speed. There isn’t much I can get in the display adapter name, but I know that it is OpenGL 4.0 my processor is intel i5. If I were to get a game computer with an i9 would that be good enough or would I have to buy a GPU card?

Ok, so your project runs more slowly than you want. You want it to run 6-10X faster. You don’t know what GPU you have, but it’s probably just the embedded Intel GPU in your Intel i5 CPU. You’ve told us nothing about what your program does, what it’s bottlenecked on, nor revealed any of the profiling details you’ve collected on it.

Your first step isn’t buying new hardware. If you haven’t already, it’s profiling your application to determine where it’s spending all its time. You need to understand very clearly what it’s bottlenecked on. Often times, it’s something silly/naive/inefficient the developer did that can be revised for improved performance, sometimes greatly improved performance.

If you have no profiling instrumentation in your app, start with a basic sample-based profiling tool like Very Sleepy. Just see where you’re spending all of your time. You really should have some basic high-level instrumentation in your app so that you can determine quickly how your frame time is being distributed across your rendering tasks, but start with what you’ve got now.

Once you know what you’re primarily bottlenecked on, and you’ve optimized that part of the app as much as you can, then you’ll have a much clearer idea of next steps. If that involves new hardware, then you’ll know what specifically you’re looking for in terms of hardware capabilities. This may or may not have anything to do with the GPU at all.

By the way, to find out which GPU + GPU drivers you’re running on now, download and run OpenGL Hardware Capability Viewer. Alternatively, query and dump the strings GL_RENDERER, GL_VERSION, and GL_VENDOR.