good tutorial for a newb?

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good beginners’ tutorial for learning OpenGL. I’m familiar with C++, but know next to nothing about OpenGL.

I’ve tried some tutorials on the web, but they’ve all been pretty lousy IMO. So who knows the best place to start learning OpenGL?

You tried NeHe ?

Yep, hated it. In the first lesson, you get what seems like 1000 lines of code, and none of it is properly explained, which seems like a theme for just about every tutorial I’ve tried. It’s like they think the reader already knows this stuff…

Okay :smiley:

The problem with starting OpenGL is not GL but the windowing system initialisation.

Have a look at NeHe lesson 2, you will understand.
Try to use glut as a starter, it will ease the window and GL context creation.
A starter glut tutorial :
Then go on with NeHe, there is code for glut for most lessons.

And do not forget The Red Book, more detailed (it is a book) but very good reference with glut sample code :

Try this simple 3D engine. You build your 3d objects in a first person enviornment.

use nehe’s, first lessons are confusing but on the third or fourth lesson you will get it, the first lesson is very long, but that code you dont have to know all, lesson 2 will get you with the real opengl, on the first one you only learn how to set up a window, give it another try!

forgot to tell you, try also or

hi !
i’m a newbie also and as far as i have understood so far the best solution is to begin reading the red book is the only way if you want to understand every line of your code.after all graphics are not the easiest topic in programming…i have lost al lot of time in tutorials and i know .
if you noticed nehe says the same also
i hope i helped…