good opengl programing?

Hi i have been learning opengl from nehe’s site and i’ve been told not to use glaux. anyway nehe using glaux so i was wondering if anying could tell me good ways to open a window without glaux. I am not asking for code just some tips,i like to do the code myself. thanks

The GLUT library is simple and cross platform. I’d suggest that whilst you are learning. See GLUT and OpenGL Utility Libraries . There are other lightweight alternatives mentioned at that URL.

After that, you’re into heavier weight toolkits which get in the way of learning OpenGL when you’re just starting.

dave j

Most of NeHe’s tutorials have ports to different languages/platforms, including how to use GLUT or SDL to handle OS interaction.
Check the bottom of a lesson’s page (for example, in NeHe's Lesson 27 ).

Hope this help.