GLX switching contexts

i noticed in quake3 there’s a command to make it draw directly in the front buffer. the change is made with no visible delay in the game
well …i’m trying to do the same thing … i don’t know if i can draw in the front buffer with a double-buffered GLXContext(i didn’t find a way to alter some parameter of the context) and i believe it’s not possible, so i tried to do it with a second GLXContext … it’s visual being single buffered and when it comes to the glXMakeCurrent i can see the windows freeze with the last rendered frame. there’s no error generated and when i make the double buffered context back current it goes again.
so it seems that the second context draws some place else … and i can’t realize that as the MakeCurrent command makes it draw in the specified window
so please tell me what’s the matter therein or am i completely wrong in my expectations…
and how can i achieve what i’m trying to do
thanks in advance

glDrawBuffer does exactly that - no need to fiddle with multiple contexts.

  • elias

hehe, many thanks elias, i didn’t know that command

but nevertheless … what’s the problem with these contexts ?
what’s the way to draw for example from two clients into a single framebuffer ?

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