Glx runtime error

ok… i’m running suse 6.4 with an nVidia tnt card here. i can compile my gl progs fine, but anytime i try to run them, i get a “GLX extension not supported by display” error.

i was considering getting the updated nVidia GLX drivers (i already downloaded them), but i’m hesitant to install them given the number of posts i’ve read from people who’ve had trouble with it.

if anyone has a suggestion, lemme know.

I did a search for “GLX problem” in this group but it seems the problem was to enable it. What kind of problem have you heard about?

I would install them without any hesitation.

heh… ask a simple question, get a simple answer i guess. umm… if you don’t mind humoring me for a bit while i’m offline trying to enable the glx, how do you enable glx?

i was refering to several posts in the forum about gl running slowly under nvidia. but, i suppose, nothing ventured, nothing gained. by my next post, i will have already attempted the driver installation.

It is done in the XF86Config file. I think the installation guide from nvidia is good. Most people seems to find that updating XFree86 is the hardest part.

If you compare the performance with Windows is the result propably surprising. I expected little slower drivers for linux but got something that is often clearly faster/slower.

Other people has reported that some samples runs very slow but I do not have any such experiences. The posts I have read did not trace the problem to glx. The conclusion was more like "eh, strange "

well… the nvidia drivers are installed, XF86-4.0.2 is installed and running smoothly, and the only casualty is that i can’t get my highly modified version of enlightenment to load… small problem… i’ll iron it out without too much trouble. but glx is running nicely.

one curiosity, tho it doesn’t seem to affect anything, is that i noticed that Xlib returns a whole lotta “extension ‘SHAPE’ missing on display 0:0” notices. i’m pretty sure that this is just something that will get cleaned up in the next couple of patches.

ok… it appears that this “SHAPE” extension problem is more serious than i had initially thought.

the prob appeared when i upgraded my XF86 from 3.3.6 to 4.0.2.

i realize that this isn’t a X forum, but if anyone has any suggestions… heeeeeeellllppp!!!

I am using 4.03 without any problems. I read that 4.1 is ready so I guess an update can fix it.


after three days of caffeine and carnage, several backups and fresh installs, painfully (not really that bad) upgrading my kernel from the archaic 2.2.14 to 2.4.5, my system is back and running without an error message or a warning to be seen.

the SHAPE extension problem was actually pretty easily solved… just like the “glx extension not found”, the solution was simply to put

Section “Module”
Load “glx” #for the glx extension
Load “extmod” #for the shape extension


in the XF86Config file. if only i had known three days ago…

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