glx beginner


what can support glx ? is it the same as glut ? can i do interactivity with keyboard, mouse ? does fullscreen mode available ?

glX is an extension to X that adds OpenGL support similar to wgl for Windows. For a programmer is it a low level API. It does not have functions for keyboard, mouse or fullscreen modes for this do you have to use the ordinary X libraries or a wrapper like GLUT.

If you type glxinfo will you get some information that shows what this is about. You also have other extensions to X like the one for video, type xvinfo.

Here is a PDF that describes how OpenGL integrates with the X Window System.

thank you much !

can i blend glut & glx ? (i know some about glut); will it work correctly ? or have i to use something else ?
i’m afraid of the glx lib, it’s difficult!

I guess that you can blend glut&glx but if you want to call glx yourself is it perhaps easier not to use glut. You can let glut make the calls to glx so you only need to know about the glut functions. You do not get the same control and access to all the latest stuff as if you made the glx calls yourself. glutInitDisplayString should give more options than the normal glutInit functions.

The glx lib can be difficult but OpenGL programming is something advanced and difficult.

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